York Wilson
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York Wilson's Murals

1940  Lands, Lakes and Forest

Timmins Press Building, Timmins, Ontario
This was York Wilson's first mural.  He was commissioned to complete Lands, Lakes and Forest for Timmins Press Building in 1940 by Roy Thomson.

1953  Founders and Campus

Redpath Library, McGill University,   Montreal, Quebec

In 1953 York Wilson won the national design competition for the Redpath Library mural at McGill University, Montreal.  The mural consists of images of various campus buildings and portraits of six influential men in the history of McGill University; James McGill (founder), Bishop George Mountain (first principal), Sir William Dawson, and Edwin Meredith (former principals), Dewy Day (first councilor) and William Moldson (builder of the McGill Library).

Wilson purchased his paint from a Toronto auto repair shop and added sand to produce texture and a matte finish. He applied the duco medium onto large masonite panels.  The mural took four months to complete.

1955   The Twentythird Psalm

Salvation Army Headquarters, Toronto, Ontario
York Wilson was commissioned to paint a mural for the prayer room in Salvation Army headquarters. His first proposal indicating an image of Christ with stretched arms, "Come Unto Me" was rejected. Wilson's second proposal, with the assistance of the new head director, W. Wydiffe Booth was accepted. The 9' x 15' mural was a design illustrating the six verses of Twentythird Psalm. A new medium, Vinyl Acetate, was introduced

 1965  Night and Day: History of Medicine

Port Authur General Hospital, Port Authur, Ontario

York Wilson became a prominent muralist with the completion of The Story of Oil and The Seven Lively Arts.  When the General Hospital underwent a major renovations in the  1960's, they commissioned Wilson to  paint two murals: History of Medicine, 63" x 28', for the main entrance and Night and Day, 7' x 12', for the nearby corridor. The two murals, both vinyl acetate on canvas, were installed in April 1965. Click here for further information on History of Medicine

1965  Impervious to the Elements

Dow Corning, Toronto, OntarioDow_Corning

Dow Corning President William (Bill) Miller asked York Wilson to make a mural for the company that would demonstrates the quality of their products.  Silicone caulking with the addition of pigment was chosen as the medium. The caulking mixture was painted onto the fiberglass.


1968  Ontario

Macdonald Block, Queen's Park, Toronto, Ontario  Ontario

Macdonald Block was added to the provincial government complex  in 1968.  Central to its design was a long interior wall designed to provide room for the installation of murals. Several Canadian artists were invited to submit sketches to the government appointed art jury. Wilson was one of twenty nine artists to receive a commission.  He contributed an 8' 7" x 16' 6" vinyl acetate composition on canvas.  This is Wilson's only geometric mural.


1970  For Peace

Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario 

Jean Grant commissioned York Wilson to designa mural for Carleton University's student lounge in memory of her late husband.

For Peace is a 4' x 55 ' brightly coloured geometricmosaic. According to York Wilson, it represented the "expectant soul...meeting of celestial and terrestrial... and peace". For Peace was unveiled on September 25, 1970 by Buckminister Fuller, a famous American engineer.


For Peace

1970   From the Four Corners

Central Hospital, Toronto, Ontario

John Wever chose York Wilson to paint a mural for the Hospital entrance. The mural was titled From the Four Corners, and it attempted to depict the diverse backgrounds of the patients at Central Hospital. The 11' x 12' mural in Vinyl Acetate on canvas was installed at the hospital in 1970.


From The Four Corners StudyFrom The Four Corners Study

Two studies for From the Four Corners

1972   A Propos D'Afrique '62

Ontario Press Club, Toronto, Ontario


1973   Game

Simpson - Sears  Ltd.  Toronto, Ontario Game Tapestry

Game was Wilson's final commission and the only mural he executed as a tapestry. The 4' x 9' mural was commissioned for the director's dinning room in 1972

by DGame Cartoonouglas Peacher, President of Simpson - Sears Ltd. The tapestry design includes stylized animals such as fish and bears.