York Wilson
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Commentary by Kay Kritzweiser
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June 12/65
An Excerpt from "Wilson Rings Bell with Mosaics"

Mr. Wilson has been careful to keep the uneven surfaces which characterize early rustic murals so that the play of light and shadow during day and night , will become a continuous wonder. Rain will sluice away soot! Sun will catch the glitter of fold leaf impregnated between layers of glass, “and costing a fortune” Mr. Wilson added. Mr. Wilson’s panel tell a clearly visible story in the manner of the vari –colored, rough  textured early mosaics.  Written communication illustrates actual letters from various cultures and periods, dating from the earliest know writing. Communication through Drawing is full of symbols similar to the earliest Lascaux cave drawings. Communication through Music shows the earliest forms when notes were square or rectangle. Stylized drums, the earliest forms used, and early instruments are depicted in this panel.  Communication Verbal is filled with abstract patterns that resolve into heads, mouths clearly speaking, yet the faces are not identifiable with any race. Communication through Distance contains symbols of outer space with all lines sweeping upward to a star the symbol of Telstar.

Kay Kritzwiser