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BIBLIOGRAPHY 1970 - 1984


  • Kritzwiser, K. Globe and Mail. 24 Oct 1970."...but something is happening again in his work...he is a responsive painter..."

  • Wilson, Peter. "Work Shows Why Artist Has Gained Respect" Toronto Daily Star. 23 October 1970. "...and confidence of people in North America ordinarily skeptical of modern art...achievement of a consistent quality for two decades..."

  • Excelsior. "Canadian Painter RYW" 9 Jan 1970. Photo: RYW in front of ATOTONILCO.

  • Scott, Tom. The News. 'The Three Musketeers of San Miguel de Allende.'"at Ramirez Cultural Center...a major figure in Canadian Art...the Wilson's guest Maestro Ernesto Barbini composed an operetta,  Lyrics by RYW.

  • Starweek. Cover Photo: O'Keefe Center Foyer, showing mural THE SEVEN LIVELY ARTS by RYW.

  • Cherry, Z. Globe and Mail. 25 Sept 1970. "Carleton University...mosaic...FOR PEACE is the title..."


  • Cherry, Z. Globe and Mail. 2 Dec 1971. "Musician honoured through art...."

  • Montreal Star, 26 Mar 1971. "Royal Canadian Academy at Montreal Museum of Fine Arts - New Trends Pictured...most outstanding of exhibition RYW's " TRIBUTE TO LAWREN HARRIS" acr/can 52"x 60" ' ...a beautifully sober work... completely abstract...'

  • Ottawa Citizen, Nov. 1971 "intellegent abstracts...rich color, faraway places...'

  • Le Droit, 5 Nov 1971 'Oeuvres de RYW ...La Galerie Wallack... RYW , bien connu au pays...'  Reproduction. "Sabah" a été executée par son auteur en 1966...voyage en Indonesie...'

  • Le Droit, 6 Nov 1971 'Exposition stimulaante de RYW...on se rend compte d'une evolution continuelle...' Photo RYW in front of painting.

  • Ottawa Journal, 6 Nov 1971 "Exhibition by Toronto artist York Wilson"

  • Ottawa Journal, 4 Nov 1971 'Vitality, color highlight works... Few contemporary artists have a wider appeal or work with such professional competence... students visit worthwhile.'

  • Napenee Paper, 1971 'Toronto muralist to select designs...7 of 42 designs to be chosen...'

  • Kingston  Whig Standard, 22 Nov 1971 'Expert selects top NDSS murals...Internationally known muralist in preparation for project...students toured Mr. Wilson's studio...'


  • McGill News, Jan 1972: p.11 Reproduction of McGill Mural formerly in Redpath Library, now located in Drop-in Center.

  • Duval, Paul. Four Decades 1972 "Wilson must be ranked the most important of all Canadian mural designers...one of our finest abstract painters...


  • Times Herald. Port Huron, Michigan. "Sarnia Gallery Offers York Wilson Exhibit" Sept 1 1973 "Unlike many of his contemporaries, York Wilson has achieved considerable recognition...his work is completely unique..."

  • Michigan Pleasure Seeker. Sept 3 1973. "Works by prominent muralist York Wilson...powerful international union tried to force York Wilson to join...this is a landmark case which has saved artists around the world from compulsory unionization..."

  • Michigan Pleasure Seeker. Sept 10 1973. "Artist's work reflects journey from realism to abstraction...colour experiences exciting..."


  • Sarnia Observer. "York Wilson Retrospective Opens Art Gallery Season" Sept 1974. "York Wilson is considered one of North America's leading muralists..."

  • MacVicar, N. Globe and Mail Nov 16 1974 "York Wilson: An Old Pro With a Beginner's Zest" "Talking with York Wilson is like hearing a young artist with talents he hasn't even begun to test..." Photo: York Wilson at work.


  • Ottawa Citizen Nov 8 1974 "YW an abstractionist...he has been better than good for Canadian Art.


  • "My Life in Art: an Interview with YW". New York Public Radio, Fordham University. San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Nov 20-30 1976.

  • Arts & Letters Club Monthly. Oct-Nov 1976."This month, a dynamic exhibition of YW's paintings...a certain person proclaimed loudly that abstraction was dead... but that was before he went to see YW's show and was reconverted..."


  • Dempster, Sid. Ottawa Citizen. "Wilson's Message All On The Surface" Oct 21 1977. "...the artist himself is well hidden by blandness"

  • Wallack, Claire. Ottawa Citizen. "Must a critic deter public viewing?" Letter to the Editor, Sept 23 1977.

  • Cherry, Zena. Globe and Mail. "Work of two Canadians in Show at Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris...Sorel Etrog and York Wilson included with such famous names as Marc Chagall, Tamayo Foujita, André Masson, Saint Saens, Severini, Zadkine..." Nov 3 1977.


  • Cherry, Z.Globe and Mail. "RYW is being hailed as Canada's and possibly the world's foremost living muralist..." Photo: RYW and Paul Duval signing book. Dec 7 1978.

  • Duval, Paul and Marshall McLuhan. York Wilson Wallack Galleries, Oshawa 1978.


  • Symons, Scott. Globe and Mail. "Canadian Culture Blooms in Mexico...York and Lela Wilson fly in from Toronto for a brief visit." Jan 13 1979.

  • Windsor Star. Nov 2."RYW...one of Canada's most consistently brilliant and durable painters...what he has given us in his seventy-two years as a muralist, tapestry designer, painter in watercolours, oils, gouaches and acrylics, should assure him of perpetual studio space and eternal northeast light in the Canadian art firmament...the vast number of his works hanging in galleries and private collections all over the world attest to that..."


  • COC Magazine. "Twenty years ago today, muralist York Wilson made his own dramatic history..." Photo: RYW working on Seven Lively Arts mural, O'Keefe Centre for the Performing Arts. Nov 1980

  • Cherry, Zena. Globe and Mail 23 Nov 1980. "Wilson's Work Will Hang in Uffizi...his self-portrait will be on permanent display, alongside those of Michelangelo and Leonardo...other recent additions to the collection are works by Siqiueros and Chagall..."


  • Blackman, Ted. Montreal Gazette 23 Apr 1983 "Wilson may hang self-portrait beside Michelangelo and Leonardo in Florence's Uffizi, but he's a mere mortal in his native land. Air Canada lost his luggage..."

  • Murray, Joan. Artmagazine. Nov 1983 "York Wilson at Moore Gallery"

  • Inglis, Grace. Hamilton Spectator 1 Oct 1983 "Four Decades of York Wilson Form Striking Retrospective"

  • Globe and Mail 28 Oct 1983 "On Thursday evening...three distinguished Canadians will receive the outstanding OSA Award..."


  • Mays, John Bentley. Globe and Mail 11 Feb 1984 "Artist Did Mural at O'Keefe"

  • Contenta, Sandro. Toronto Star 12 Feb 1984 "York Wilson: Renowned Canadian Muralist...considered one of the world's foremost abstract painters, died Friday at Toronto General Hospital."

  • Toronto Sun 12 Feb 1984 "Famed Toronto Artist Dead at 76"

  • Winnipeg Free Press 13 Feb 1984 "Canadian Painter Dead at 76"

  • Halifax Chronicle Herald 13 Feb 1984 "Painter and Muralist York Wilson Dies."

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