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BIBLIOGRAPHY 1960 - 1969


  • List, Wilfred. Globe and Mail  18 Jan 1960 "100ft. O’Keefe Mural Site of Union Brush With Artist". Photo: RYW in front of mural.

  • Reidford, Paul. Globe and Mail 1960 "Cartoon: Okay, Clancy, So You’re a Muralist" .

  • Parker, Lewis. Toronto Daily Star 18 Jan 1960 "Cartoon: Rembrandt; Thou Shouldst Be Living At This Hour, O’Keefe's Hath Need Of Thee" Illustration: Rembrandt painting by numbers.

  • Editorial Toronto Daily Star 18 Jan 1960 "Art Or Artisan To The Wall"

  • Editorial London Times 9 Feb1960 "Should Artists Be Trade Unionized?"

  • Globe and Mail 13 Feb 1960 "O’Keefe Artists Triumph in Battle of Union Cards"

    Globe and Mail 1960 "RYW Back To Work, Union Approves"

  • Toronto Daily Star Magazine 1 Oct 1960 "Painter RYW Looks Over Advanced Sketches For The Centre’s Mural" Photo: RYW with sketches and studies in his studio.



  • Duval, Paul Toronto Daily Star 18 Feb 1961 "Art Shows At Centre…O’Keefe… it is appropriate that RYW should have a place in this first show…"

  • Palmer, Helen Toronto Daily Star 18 Feb 1961 "York Wilson Refuses Lucrative Commissions to Spend Two Years In Paris"

  • Greer, Harold. Globe and Mail 27 Mar 1961 "Cult or Culture" Reproduction: O’Keefe Centre Mural.

  • Canadian Art 1961 "Artist Wilson’s Huge Mural Dominates St.Clair Avenue". Photo: RYW working on Imperial Oil Mural.

  • Goodman, Roderick. Globe and Mail July 1961 "Wilson Abroad--Now He’s Painting What He Likes" 

  • Villeneuve, Paquerette. Ottawa Journal 8 Dec 1961 "Toronto Artist Works In Paris and Plans Paris Show"

  • Kamienski, Jan Winnipeg Free Press 10 Dec 1961 "From among all works in this exhibition, I would give preference to the work of RYW. It stands out in the crowd by virtue of its maturity and utmost economy of means.



  • Canadian Art  May-June 1962 "What Is Business Buying?"

  • Kilbourn, J. Toronto Daily Star 3 Nov 1962."RYW’s Exhibition of Gouaches at Roberts possess disarming modesty… RYW’s very real technical abilities no longer sacrificed to fashionable… but have been explored for their own sake…"

  • Dempsey, Lotta. Toronto Daily Star 13 Oct 1962. "An air of mounting excitement hovers over Roberts Gallery… RYW, considered by many in the art world to be Canada’s most important contemporary painter will be represented by a collection of 30 gouaches…"

  • Duval, Paul. Toronto Telegram 27 Oct 1962. "RYW, like Piper, noted for his large architectural commissions… gouache at Roberts… the semi-abstract fantasies reveal a wit and humour… rich colour…"



  • Gaillard, Marc. Arts Paris, 27 Dec 1963. "… the Prime Gallery is dedicated to RYW… it is evident that a large panorama of his work has been presented…"

  • Arts Hebdomadaire Paris, 27 Dec 1963. "A l’eclectism Canadien… le musée Galliéra, qui presente de son coté…"

  • Mégret, Frédéric. Le Figaro Letteraire Paris, 19 Dec 1963 "RYW of Toronto and McEwen of Montreal have resolved abstraction with success…"

  • Lacoste, P. Le Monde Paris, 26 Dec 1963. "…RYW… rightly has the gallery of honour. Few painters have had the good fortune to be so gloriously displayed…"

  • L’Officiel des Spectacles Paris "Cinq Peintres Canadiens" 1963.

  • World Book Encyclopedia "Murals" USA 1963. "…Michelangelo, Thomas Hart Benton, York Wilson…." Reproduction: Imperial Oil Mural.

  • Kaplan, Bernard Montreal Star 28 Dec 1963 "Canadian Painters in Paris"



  • Dempsey, Lotta. The Globe and Mail "Return of RYW" January 1964. "…external affairs minister Paul Martin opened an exhibition in Paris by RYW… show held at important Musee Galliera… three Canadian government ministers in attendance and France’s great man of letters, Andre Malraux…"

  • Megret, Frederic. Le Monde 3 Feb 1964 "…at Galerie Agnes Lefort, one entered immediately into the universe of real painting, of the genuine artist... in his two studios, where he worked in monastic isolation, this Canadian painter, though he felt the need of the Paris atmosphere, ‘lived’ very little of Paris itself, preferring to avoid the painting merry-go-round…"

  • Pfeiffer, S. Montreal Gazette "RYW at Lefort" 11 Apr   1964. "The present exhibition… which to my mind is one of the finest held in this city for some time.."

  • Ayre, Robert. Montreal Sun "RYW at Lefort" 9 Apr   1964. "…don’t need to be reminded of anything else, the painting is the experience… not momentary, but an experience that lasts…"

  • Brooks, Leonard. Painting and Understanding Abstract Art Reinhold Publishing: New York 1964. pp.76-77.

  • Cherry, Zena. The Globe and Mail "Abstract Impressionism" 3 Sept 1964. "... leading artists are RYW, Philip Gustin, Jean-Paul Riopelle…"

  • Kritzwiser, K. The Globe and Mail  "Wilson’s Return a Triumph" 11 Apr 1964.

  • Montreal Gazette "Royal Canadian Academy Exhibition" 1964. "…Dr. Franz Meyer, Director Kunstmuseum, Basel… chose RYW’s Endymion for honourable mention…"

  • Hanlon, Michael. The Globe and Mail  "Wilson's Salvation Army Mural" Nov 19 1964.

  • The Globe and Mail "Outshining Everything Else" June 27 1964. "...Roberts Gallery changing summer group show is RYW's huge floating image abstract Endymion... the subject may escape you but the power can't..."

  • Who's Who in Anglo-Mexican Art. Guadalajara, Mexico 1964.



  • Furtado, Paul. Arts Magazine "York Wilson's Achievement" USA Mar 1965. Reproductions of A Propos d'Afrique '62 (oil on canvas 77" x 154" triplex) and Imperial Oil Mural (left panel 21' x 32')

  • Malcolmson, J. Toronto Daily Star "On the Debit Side: Wilson's New Work Falls Short" 2 Jan 1965.

  • Kingston Whig Standard "RYW is Master of Mood" 17 Apr 1965. "...fortunate indeed the exhibition stopped here, because it provides unusual opportunity to view new work by an important Canadian artist... a patient and thoughtful composer..."

  • Central Hospital Brochure 3 June 1965 "...a new mural by the internationally known artist RYW was unveiled by the Honourable John Robarts..."

  • Cherry, Zena. The Globe and Mail "Torontonians Lend Wilsons for Retrospective Showing" 11 June 1965.

  • Kritzwiser, K. Globe and Mail "Wilson Rings Bell With Mosaics" 12 June 1965. Photo: RYW at work on mosaics for the Bell Canada building.

  • Kritzwiser, K. Globe and Mail 19 June 1965. "What wonderful bursting vitality in RYW's colours... what a love affair he had for the reds of Italy..."

  • Ross, Charles. Canadian Bible Society 7 Oct 1965. "...Imperial Oil Mural...what a creation!... deep gratitude... thank you, whoever you are for creating that mural..."



  • Fulford, Robert. Toronto Daily Star "Toronto's Most Prominent Painter is...Well, He's Not the Best." 3 Dec 1966



  • Smart, Prof. Charles Allen. Toronto Daily Star "Letter to the Editor" 3 Jan 1967 "RYW's painting has great integrity, beauty...this article exposes Mr. Fulford fully and raises doubts about your newspaper and about the present condition of art in Canada."

  • Robillard, Yves. Les Beaux Arts 22 Feb 1967. "...RYW is very well-known. He represented Canada at Musee Galliera in 1963..."

  • Ayre, Robert. Montreal Star "York Wilson at Lefort" 7 Mar 1967.

  • Ayre, Robert. Montreal Star 8 Mar 1967. "RYW at Lefort...stimulating sense of  renewal and discovery...discriminating eye, quick to seize the essentials, and the hand of a practised performer..."

  • UNESCO Award for Face at the Bottom of the World, by Hagiwara Sakutaro, trans. Graeme Wilson, paintings by RYW. Tokyo: Charles E. Tuttle Co., 1967.

  • Centennial Medal awarded to RYW , "in recognition of valuable service to the nation." 1 July 1967.



  • Cherry, Zena. Globe and Mail 23 May 1968. "From oils to encaustics... RYW's paintings will be at Rose Fried Gallery in NY on Novembery 29..."

  • l'Amerique Nov 28 1968 Paris "The meticulous brush of RYW... leads to a simplicity in script and a linear purity that holds the interest..."

  • Cherry Zena. Globe and Mail 19 Dec 1968. "York Wilson a success in New York ... brisk sales and good reviews..."

  • New York Times Dec 1968. "Wilson, a Canadian, is capable of consistently distinguished work. His canvases can be looked at repeatedly with undiminished satisfaction..."

  • Art News "York Wilson at Rose Fried Gallery" Dec 1968 "... the stripes are muted so they retreat from the surface in shadows and transparencies... Wilson's work gives off an aura of good taste..."



  • Wall Street Journal Feb 1969. "RYW's Exhibition at Rose Fried Gallery was extended another month and was an unheard of success for a first NY showing. Several large canvases went to good collectors plus a few portfolios of the seven new prints. A large canvas and seven prints went to Birla Academy in Calcutta. They will travel in India as a teaching medium..."

  • El Universal Mexico "RYW at Bellas Artes" 22 Oct 1969. "Paintings and drawings by RYW at Bellas Artes...the creations of Wilson have merited enthusiastic praise by many of the critics."

  • Novedades Mexico 24 October 1969. "RYW will show his recent paintings...indicative of his genius..."

  • Excelsior Mexico "Paintings By York Wilson at Bellas Artes" 31 Oct 1969. "Canadian Ambassador Saul Rae will preside at the opening of RYW's Exhibition in Sala International of Bellas Artes...The Canadian artist has received favorable reviews in many notable art critics' columns..."

  • Wilson, York. El Universal Mexico "My Work and I" 2 Nov 1969. Full Page talking about his work as an artist. Photographs: Teotijuacan, Michoacan, Proto Tolteca

  • El Universal Mexico 6 Nov 1969. "Exhibition of work by RYW in the pictorial work of Wilson, one observes an extraordinary handling of colour, a great artistic sensibility and a singular tendency to transmit a message in all his paintings.

  • El Sol Mexico 7 Nov 1969. "The inauguration of the exhibition of RYW...many important people and Art enthusiasts who usually do not go to openings...artists and painters and many others admired the paintings and drawings...were in agreement with the critics about the great quality of the work of this artist...RYW, who is more Mexican than Canadian..."

  • Interview. The News "Mexico Inspires Canadian Artist" 7 Nov 1969.

  • El Heraldo Mexico  7 Nov 1969 "York Wilson at Bellas Artes". "RYW is a geometric painter. His fundamental influence is from totems. Artistic manifestations from ancient civilisations...distinguishes himself by his colour planes...some influence... Gunther Gerzo and Carlos Merida."

  • El Universal Mexico 10 Nov 1969 "RYW has been coming here for 20 years painting trying to sense the spirit of this land....At Mr. Wilson's side is his wife, Lela Wilson, a very cultured lady and fluent in Spanish, helpful in explaining the work of her husband to a distinguished group...clearly coming to each one of the canvases one understands the professionalism of the painter..."

  • Excelsior Mexico "Canadian Painter" 11 Nov 1969. "My paintings are a geometric and intellectual development while the drawings are informal, visual impressions."

  • El Universal Grafica Mexico "RYW at Bellas Artes" 12 Nov 1969. "RYW is the creator of a school of abstraction with very personal characteristics..."

  • Novedades Mexico 4 Dec 1969. "RYW's drawings of nudes are admirable...His drawings are those of a true master..."

  • Sakutaro, Hagiwara.  Face at the Bottom of the World. Japan:  Tuttle, 1969. Translated by Graeme Wilson, Paintings by RYW.  Distributed in Canada by Hurtig Books, Edmonton. UNESCO Award Winner.

  • Arts Magazine "RYW at Rose Fried" Dec-Jan 1969. Reproduction: Michoacan. "Using a linear motif which appeared to him in a dream...shapes, flat planes spacially interacting in a rhythm of lively staccatos..."

  • Toronto Life "Toronto's Mexican Colonialists" 1969. "...RYW and Lela have interrupted their chronic globe-trotting several times to spend a year in San Miguel ... They mention Toronto's synthetic pressures and lack of colour: 'You go for a walk in Mexico and you see humanity. In Toronto you see automobiles...'"

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