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BIBLIOGRAPHY 1950 - 1959


  • McCarthy, Pearl.  Globe and Mail. 23 May 1950. "Art Renaissance is on in Canada, says RYW... RYW is a brilliant Canadian..."                

  • McCarthy, Pearl. Globe and Mail. 27 May 1950. "Wilson paintings feature in opening of Laing Galleries... RYW's paintings are a heartening experience... his talent, now seen in maturity, has size, bears out the promise of years of preparation for mature leadership..."

  • Bridle, Augustus. Toronto Daily Star, 1950. "Chief exhibit is a picture show by RYW... best Mexicana ever shown here..."

  • Dempsey, Lotta. Globe and Mail. Nov 9 1950.  "If you're over at the Art Gallery of Toronto [later renamed the Art Gallery of Ontario--Ed.] take a good look at RYW's painting Butterfly Net Fisherman..."

  • "Black and White" Saturday Night Jan 1950. "Great painters have always been great draughtsmen... have always been men of remarkable character..." Reproduction: UNICEF poster drawing for the Save The Children Fund.  

  • Who's Who in American Art. "York Wilson"   New York: Jaques Cattell Press, 1950. 


  • Aitken, M. Toronto Daily Star. "Special Report-- Ways of Painting" 7 Mar 1951. "Different media... RYW is showing something new, working with 'Duco' (pyroxalin)..."

  • Globe and Mail. 9 Mar 1951. "York Wilson to Sit on Jury for Local Competition"

  • Globe and Mail. 14 May 1951. "Private, public... Casson, Comfort, Jackson, Loring, Panton, on the advisory board of the Doon School of Fine Art, under the chairmanship of RYW..."

  • Duval, Paul. "At Home In Sun Or Studio." Saturday Night Magazine, 31 Jul 1951. Photos: (1) RYW painting at home, and (2) RYW playing the flute with daughter Virginia at the piano with wife Lela and friend Cleeve Horne looking on.

  • Duval, Paul. 'The Fruits of Labour" Saturday Night,       3 Apr 1951."High quality work...RYW is represented by a first-rate canvas...' Reproduction: Toluca Market

  • Forster, Michael. Montreal Standard, 21 Apr 1951. "Canadian Sees Mexico...Exhibition at Watson Gallery, long overdue here...working with fine command in both duco and oil...

  • Ayre, Robert. Montreal Star, 28 Apr 1951 "...RYW has a great appetite for the colour and rhythm of life and he is an extremely accomplished painter..." Reproduction: Ballerina Resting 18"x24

  • Toronto Daily Star, 4 Nov 1951. Photo: A. Y. Jackson with RYW in front of RYW's painting Flower Girl duco 24"x18"

  • Robertson, George. The Critic, 1951. "79th meeting of Ontario Society of Artists...most notably RYW, who with his major canvas Toluca Market has made a considerable advance in strength..."



  • Baird, Jos. A. "American and Canadian Art Compared" Canadian Art Oct 1952. "...in Toronto, it is the expressionist realism of Jack Bush and RYW's cubism in painting..."

  • Westerdahl, Eduardo.  El Dia, Tenerife,C.I,  Jun 14 1952. "Giuia de la pintura de RYW"

  • Globe and Mail  Sep 1952. "RYW has just returned from several months in the Canary Islands..."

  • Panton, L. A. C. Canadian Art, "Retreat in Mexico: Canadian Painter Abroad" Spring 1952 : pp. 108-113

  • Ayre, Robert. Montreal Star, "RYW Attains His Objective"  Nov 15 1952. Reproduction: Church at Rheims

  • Who's Who in Art, Art Trade Press, Eastbourne, Sussex, England 1952.



  • McCarthy, Pearl. Globe and Mail  27 Jul 1953. "Jury Selects...Canadian Art at Canadian National Exhibition...Photo: Jury members Lionel Thomas, LeMoine Fitzgerald, Cleeve Horne, York Wilson, Paul Duval..."

  • McCarthy, Pearl. Globe and Mail 1953. "Sound Canadian Work At Eatons...For smart technique laying on paint, RYW is terrific. Look at his Barn Window... it is realistic, yet has an almost geometric attraction."

  • Dempsey, Lotta. Globe and Mail 9 Jan 1953."We'd like to make a Person-to-Person call to RYW...whose latest paintings seem to be reaching new heights of expression..."

  • Globe and Mail 7 Nov 1953. "McGill University Library Extension" Photo: McGill Mural in situ, 12' x 18'.

  • Financial Post, 25 Apr 1953. "More Women for Parliament? We asked ten prominent men..." RYW responds in the negative.



  • McCarthy, Pearl. Globe and Mail 25 Sept 1954. "RYW has a solo exhibition at Hart House...semi-abstracts show how he has grown in stature..."

  • Macleans, 15 Nov 1954 "...RYW is one of most talented members of generation that followed the Group of Seven..." Reproductions: Mile 804, Alaska Highway oil on canvas 30" x 40" Main Street, Whitehorse oil 12" x 16"



  • McCarthy, Pearl. Globe and Mail 3 Sept 1955. "Quality work on display at the Canadian National Exhibition...the best is still RYW's Sarnia..."



  • Duval, Paul. Toronto Telegram "Giant Mural Tells Story of Oil"  18 May 1957. "...biggest mural in Canada, also the best..."

  • Canadian Architect June 1957:  pp. 41-43 "...Imperial Oil Mural tells a monumental story..."

  • Time 29 Apr 1957. "Dominating the two-story, Italian-marble lobby is the largest mural ever done in Canada...illustrates the geological creation of oil..."

  • McCarthy, Pearl Globe and Mail  7 Dec 1957 "...as the months go by, RYW's murals in the foyer, confirm their place of honor...One-man exhibition also..."

  • Westerdahl, Eduardo. La Tarde, Tenerife, C.I. "Interview with RYW" 8 Aug 1957.

  • Ayre, Robert. Canadian Art, Summer 1957: pp. 146- 148. "...I thought RYW's New Growth significant... it shows a new transparency and flexibility..."



  •  Danard, Jean  "The Mural and the Movie" Imperial Oil Review Jun 1958 "...includes a 4.5 minute sequence in which the camera moves slowly across mural, while a 27 piece orchestra plays interpretive music written especially for the film by William McCauley..." Photo: Director Quentin Brown with RYW.

  • McCarthy, Pearl. Globe and Mail  "Mammoth Mural Commissioned" 21 Nov 1958. "...RYW has been commissioned to paint what will be the largest mural in Canada for the lobby of the O'Keefe Auditorium...100' x 15' high..."



  • Globe and Mail "Final Sketch of O’Keefe Mural"   29 Sept 1959. Photo: final preparatory sketch displayed in the artist's studio.

  • Globe and Mail 24 Dec 1959. "Imperial Oil employees join together to sing Christmas carols in the lobby, which contains one of Canada’s largest murals…" Photo: carolers in front of mural.

  • McCarthy, Pearl. Globe and Mail "Ontario Society of Artists Raises Questions" Mar 1959. "RYW is outstanding as a man working for the synthesis of realist and abstract qualities…"

  • Canadian National Exhibition Brochure 26 Aug -16 Sept 1959 "Collector's Choice" Photo: AJ Casson and RYW hanging works for the Exhibition.

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