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Lela Wilson Book
Photo Album
Tribute by Leonard Brooks
Travel Itinerary
1949 Sept New York (2 weeks)
Sept Mexico by car
1950 Jan Mar Mexico
1951 Mar Sept Mexico
1952 Feb Sailed from New York on the Rhinedam
to France - later by train to Madrid then
Mar Sailed from Seville to Santa Cruz de
Mar July Tenerife
July Flew to Casa Blanca, Morocco.
Bus to Fez (1 week).
Back to Gran Canaria & Tenerife
London by ship
New York by ship
Toronto by train
1953 Completed McGill mural, Montréal
Sept Mexico by car
1954 Mar Returned to Canada. Received Imperial
Oil commission and started the design. Sold 8 Apsley Road in fall. Rented house then appartment while waiting for house to be completed
1955 July Moved into new house. Received
Salvation Army mural comission. Almost completed when on December 23rd York had coronary.
1956 July Started putting Imperial Oil mural on wall
1957 Feb Completed Imperial Oil mural
June Flew to Paris - drove through Chartre,
Tours, down west coast of France, along the Bay of Biscay in Spain to Portugal, along the coast and across to Lisbon, Toledo, Madrid, Barcelona, the Cost Brava , the French Riviera and the Italian Riviera to Rome. Short trip to Switzerland , back to Rome, then Florence, Ravenna and Venice. Met Ernesto Barbini as arranged to be introduced to Venice.
Aug Oct Venice
Nov Dec Rome
1958 Jan May Rome
May Drove to Naples and sailed to Palermo,
Siciliy with car on board. Drove around Sicily about three weeks, crossed the Straits of Messina and drove to Rome. Drove through Switzerland and Germany to Brussels. Two weeks at World Fair. Visited Brugges and Knokke. Drove to Paris.
July Returned to Canada by air.
Received commission for O'Keefe mural.Started design for O'Keefe mural.
1959 Feb Flew to New York then Puerto Rico.
Virgin Islands, Barbados, Tobago, Trinidad and Grenada. By yacht the "Harebell" with the Hornes and VanValkenburgs for three weeks at various islands, (Grenadines, Dominica, San Lucia, Guadaloupe etc.,) to Antigua. By air to Puerto Rico then to New York (stormy hurricane flight), then Toronto
Sept Started to put O'Keefe mural on wall,
assisted by Bob Paterson and Labonte Smith. Dispute with International Brotherhood of Decorators and Paperhangers of America.
1960 Feb Completed O'Keefe Mural
May Drove to and stayed in Mexico
Sept Dec Canada
Dec 15th By air to Paris. Hotel Solferino, 191
Rue de Lille, in bed with 'flu over Christmas, owners the Sbindens were very kind. Soon found studio at 12 Blvd. Perriere (rear) Rue Sausure at back - 2-storey pavillon with balcony overlooking studio and a small garden
1961 Paris - Spring spent a week painting at
Honfleur and environs
Sept Oct Drove through Switzerland to Milan, Venice,
Florence, Rome with the Leonard Brooks - returning by way of Turino and Basel, Switzerland. Blizzards - news in Basel that Mania Bott had died. Back to Paris. Weekends during Paris sojourn, mostly travelling and painting in smaller French towns with Lionel Roy (Canadian Ambassador to UNESCO)
1962 Weekends painting in small French towns
Sept Oct Flew to Vienna, Austria - Istambul,
Turkey, (Asia Minor, Bosphorous, Princess Island etc.,) Athens, then by boat a week touring the islands - Crete, Rhodes, Delos, Patmos, Mykonos etc. A week's archealogical tour by bus - Corinth, Sparta and Olympia most of the Pelopeneses, Ydra etc.
1963 Paris - Touring, painting weekends
Feb Madrid by air (stayed with the Max
Stewarts- snow and slush) then to Tangiers, Morocco, Casablanca, by bus to Marrakesh (Stewarts and Dorothy Osborne joined us). Flew to Agadir, Mogador, Safi, Mazagan, Rabat, Fez. York painting all the time.
Mar Return to Paris
Aug Drove to Brugges, Knokke, Brussels,
Antwerp then to Holland. Otterlo (Van Gogh Museum), Zyder Zee, Amsterdam, Haarlem (Franz Hall and Cheese), Leiden, Den Hague and Rotterdam
Sept London by air for R.C.A. exhibition at the
Commonwealth Centre opened by Queen Elisabeth II and Jawaharlal Nehru. Presented to both.
Dec Paris - Musée Galliéra Exhibition
Moved to Rue de la Cité Universitaire
1964 Invitation to exhibit with Salon
"Confrontation", in Dijon. To Dijon with Lionel Roy. André Malraux bought York's largest work for the Musée de Dijon.
Mar Return to Canada by air
1965 Bought New York studio, 215 Bowery.
Mar First of four retrospective exhibitions at
Sarnia Art Gallery
Apr Completed Port Arthur Mural and installed
May Third Retrospective exhibition at the
Roberts Gallery, Toronto
July Completed and installed Bell Telephone
mosaics. Completed small, moveable mural for Dow Corning with their silicone caulking materials and dry colour pigments
Sept Los Angeles - Virginia had an exhibition
at the Mission Gallery, L.A. in October
Oct 5th to Honolulu by air
9th to Japan - Tokyo,Nara, Kyoto
Fuji Hakone, Osaka
27th to Taiwan
Nov To Hong Kong - stayed 3 months with
Graeme Wilson, poet and translator of the Hagiwara poetry
1966 Jan 30th Left Hong Kong for North Borneo
(now Sabah) capital Jessleton with Graeme Wilson. Met Rex (British Information Officer) and Mavis Hunt . then to Kuching. Hunt arranged for a trip by jeep to a Land Dyak village in the jungle.
Feb 6th to Singapore. First to Orchard Hotel,
then Goodwood Hotel arranged by Ling Ling (Eunice) Liau. Met her Malaysian student friends who took us everywhere. Crossed into Malaysia for dinner etc.
12th Djakarta, Indonesia
13th Bali, capital Dempassar
15th Djakarta
16th Singapore
17th Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Met Graeme
Wilson and toured with French ex-owner of our hotel
19th Siem Reap. Toured Ankhor Wat with
Graeme by motorized pedicabs and visited distant ruin by jeep
21st Return to Phnom Penh and on to
Bankok, Thailand. Stayed with British military attaché, John Turner
Mar 3rd To Penang. Met by Robert Cheah whose
father was medical doctor. Robert toured us around and in the evening assisted with his birthday celebrations, meeting many more young Malaysians. First met Robert through Ling Ling in Singapore, he was on vacation from his studies at the University of Melbourne.
5th to Kuala Lumpur - toured by the Henry
8th to Colombo, Sri Lanka
11th Madras
13th Mahabalipuram
14th Bombay
16th Aurangabad and Ellora Caves
17th Ajanta Caves
18th Bombay
20th Jaipur
21st New Delhi (stayed with Samples in British compound)
25th By car to Taj Mahal, Agra, Fort Agra, Fatepur Sikri
26th Gwalior & Khajuraho
27th Varanasi or Benares
28th Overnight at Khanjour. Lela sick - finally permitted to stay in Government guest house if out by 6 a.m. Room being held for early arrival of a general - no bedding or linens supplied
29th New Delhi
Apr 4th Srinagar, Kashmir - Lived on houseboat
9th Back to New Delhi
15th To Kabul, Afghanistan
17th Tehran, Iran. Met Doug Tushingham who was catologuing the Crown Jewels
t19th to Isfahan, Shiraz and Persepolis
20th Back to Shiraz and Isfahan
22nd Tehran
23rd Baghdad
24th Side trip to Babylon - Arch of Tesifon
26th To Cairo - Saw John Lawrey, Australian ambassador, visited pyramids
May 2nd To Luxor
5th To Beirut, with Soses, visited Baalbek
7th with Soses by car to Damascus, Syria
9th to Amman, Jordan - by car past Dead Sea (York had swim with Soses) and Jericho to Old Jerusalem
12th on foot through Mandelbaum Gate to New Jerusalem, then by car to Tel Aviv,. Ayala Zacks came immediately to the hotel.
14th With Ayala to Ein Hook to see Art Village and the Marcel Yankos again
15th at Tiberias. Coffee on Sea of Galilee, on to Hazor Kibutz and Hazor Museum (built by Zacks) - excavation for the contents payed by the Rothchilds
18th to Nicosia, Cyprus. Stayed with Wainman-Woods who toured us everywhere.
27th to Athens
30th by boat to Santorini (ancient name Thira), arriving May 31st
June 8th - to Ios
10th Past Naxos to Syros
11th to Tinos
14th to Mykanos and on to Athens
17th to Corfu (ancient name Kerkyra)
27th back to Athens
28th to Rome
July 2nd to Paris - rented Luc Peire's studio for 3 months
(where 2 dreams which started Geometric period occurred). Produced 2 tapestries and 2 prints in Geometric style together with many plans for paintings
Sept 27th Arrive in Toronto
Nov Exhibition Roberts Gallery
1967 Mar Exhibition Galerie Agnes Lefort
Oct Retrospective, Arts & Letters Club
Nov To Mexico
1968 April Return from Mexico by way of
Jacksonville, Florida and New York. 4-man exhibition at Museum London Arbuckle, Franck, Confort and Wilson
Sept 4-man Exhibition at Roberts Gallery
Casson, Franck, Ogilvie and Wilson
Nov Exhibition, Rose Fried Gallery, N.Y.
Dec To Mexico
1969 Mar Return to Toronto by air
Exhibition, Roberts Gallery
Sept Designed mosaic mural for Carleton
University, Ottawa. Designed mural for Central Hospital, Toronto
Sept Mexico by air
Nov One-man exhibition , Palacio de
Bellas Artes, International Salon, Mexico City. Atotonilco acquired by museum (I.M.B.A)
Dec by car to Acapulco, Zilmatonejo, Taxco
1970 Jan Feb One-man exhibition at Centro Cultural de
Ignacio Ramirez (Bellas Artes) San Miguel de Allende, Gto., Mexico
Mar After visiting the Chas. Hutchings in
Houston, Texas and the Quackenbosses in Memphis
Apr Installed Carleton University mosaic
mural "For Peace" 55 feet x 4 feet in Ottawa. Opening and unveiling ceremonies with Buckmaster Fuller
May Installed Central Hospital painted acrylic
mural 10'9" x 12', Toronto
Oct Exhibition , Roberts Gallery, Toronto
Dec To Mexico with Samples
1971 Jan Return from Mexico
Mar Resigned O.S.A.
May To England. Stayed with Samples in
John and Pat Casson's house, 15 Lawrence St., Chelsea, London SW3 5NE.
To Paris for 1 week in Luk Peire's studio
June Return to Canada via Niagra Falls, NY
Nov Exhibiton - Wallack Gallery, Ottawa
Ettore Mazzoleni Memorial Collection,
Royal Conservatory of Music
1972 Oct Exhibition, Roberts Gallery
1973 Feb Mar To Mexico - purchased Pila Seca #35
July Sept Mexico - took possessoin of Pila Seca #35
Nov Exhibition, Wallack Gallery
Dec Return to Mexico
1974 April Toronto
Sept Retrospective, Sarnia A.G.
Oct Retrospective, Rothmans A.G. Stratford
Oct Exhibition , Roberts Gallery
Nov To Mexico
Dec Retrospective, Robert McLaughlin A.G.
1975 May Toronto
Nov Exhibition, Wallack Gallery, Ottawa
Nov To Mexico
1976 May Toronto
Nov Exhibiton, Roberts Gallery
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